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Statement of Engagement

Statement of Engagement

At Tech 25, our mission centers around facilitating access to training and equipment within the Event Production industry. We recognize the vital role that event production plays in community engagement, and as part of our commitment to empowering individuals and organizations, we extend our services to include event production on a case by case basis.

Tech 25 provides event production services with a specific focus on supporting community groups and non-profit organizations that may need more resources to engage professional production companies. It is crucial to note that our intention is not to compete directly with established event production companies. Instead, our goal is to collaborate and augment the efforts of organizations within our community.

Our approach is rooted in a commitment to support and uplift our partnering organizations, providing them with the technical expertise they need for successful events. Simultaneously, we aim to create valuable work experience opportunities for our trainees and apprentices, allowing them to apply and refine the skills they acquire through our training programs.

The types of organizations we actively engage with include 501(c)(3) non-profits, community groups, volunteer organizations, schools, and educational institutions. We also extend our services to program partners that are dedicated to serving youth. By focusing on these specific sectors, we align our efforts with community-building initiatives and contribute to the growth and success of organizations working towards positive social impact.

Tech 25 is dedicated to fostering collaboration within our community, promoting skill development, and ensuring that our event production services complement the goals and missions of the organizations we serve. Through these efforts, we aim to create a positive impact on the community while providing meaningful opportunities for learning and professional development.

Our Pledge

At Tech 25, we're firmly committed to supporting education, providing community access to equipment, and collaborating with professional production companies. This commitment means we avoid activities that compete with or undermine these organizations. Our mission is all about empowerment, and to uphold this, we don't engage in practices that undercut other businesses. Instead, we focus on collaboration, aiming to work alongside and complement the services of these companies for a harmonious industry coexistence.