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EAR Educational Audio Resource Modules

EAR - Educational Audio Resources (Modules) 

We have run the EAR MODULES at

  • Concord Elementary
  • Environmental Charter School
  • Brashear High School
  • Cornell High School
  • and more

What are the EAR MODULES?

The MODULES are a series of in school lessons designed by professional event technicians to train the next generation of certified pros. These modular lesson plans cover 15 different topics and can be modified to fit any classroom, Afterschool program, or summer camp.

MODULES are 40 minute learning sessions, perfect for classrooms, “Out-of-School-Time” programs, or individual learners that can be customized to fit your students’ needs and adapted to your class curriculum or special interest.


Our programs provide technical trainings and creative projects that benefit learners by building their understanding and comprehension of the Event Technology Arts.

Through STEAM activities, students will improve Math, Science, and Art skills. All trainings are applicable to the event production and broadcast industry whether students are interested in pursuing a career or starting their own YouTube page.

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Audio Basics I

Science of Sound, Human Hearing, & Terminology

This introductory module explains how sound works while giving students the basic terminology needed for working in a professional environment. Students leave this module being able to identify key terms include “decibel” and “hertz” and “frequency” and have a basic understanding of acoustics, stereo, and mono sound.

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Live Sound I

Microphones, Mixers, & More

This module will prepare students with a basic understating of mixers, microphones, and signal flow for live sound and studio applications.

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Live Sound II

Running a Soundcheck

This module dives deeper into live sound production with a review of monitor mixes, di boxes, cable runs, mic stands, Aux cables, and more.

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DJ Bootcamp

Effects, Gears, & DJing

Students will learn commonly used audio FX (EQ, panning, reverb, & delay) and basic skills needed to be a DJ or electronic music performer.

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Sound Design & Foley

In this module students will leave with an understanding the concept of synthesized sounds relating an electronic signal to the sound we hear. We will explore different career paths related to sound design & synthesis.

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Video Basics I

Video Terminology, Cameras, & Lighting/Audio for Video

This module focuses on basic video terminology, types of cameras, and a refresher on capturing audio specifically for use with video.

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Festival and Event Production

This module provides and overview of the jobs, responsibilities, and business side of event planning. We will talk about the planning, design, and budgeting of small scale and large scale concerts and festivals. 

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Industry Jobs

Careers & Positions

This course reviews the roles and responsibilities for each technical position in a venue and for touring/mobile crews, as well as provide an overview of booking and promoting performance.

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Lighting Basics I

Types of Lights, Safety, & Rigging
In this module we will meet the signal flow and devices used for lighting events and pro audio / video business. We will also introduce different lighting types such as Leko, Par Can, Spotlight, LED, Lasers, and Smoke Machines.

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This course will prepare any aspiring technician for entry level jobs as a stagehand. Learn how stagecraft vocabular, techniques, and how to make a positive impression for production companies. Our team of experienced techs can demostrate how to tie proper knots, wrap cables, label equipment, and make you a valuable part of a production team.

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